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    Strange Virus Alerts: Detection date "12/30/99" & Virus name "None"?




      I have ePO configured to send me an e-mail when one of our computers reports a malware detection.  It's worked without problem for years, but in the past week I've had two e-mails telling me that computers have detected "None" malware occurring on 12/30/99 e.g.

          String in e-mail:

              [ComputerName] | 12/30/99 00:00:00 UTC | Windows 7 |SYSTEM | ###.##.##.107 |  | none |


          Alert Format:

             {listOfTargetHostName} | {listOfDetectedUTC} | {listOfOsType} |{listOfTargetUserName} | {listOfTargetIPV4} | {listOfEventDesc} | {listOfThreatName} | {listOfTargetFileName}


      When I look up the computer's threat events in ePO there's no sign of these events against the computers that have allegedly detected them.  Anyone know what this might be (hopefully not a corrupt DB).  Anyone seen this before?