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    Having to Update Certificate Whitelist for Trainline.com almost monthly ?


      Hi Guys


      So I have a certificate whitelist with a whole host of sites in there all of which work perfectly fine with the exception of www.thetrainline.com & www.sme.thetrainline.com


      I don't have exact timings but around once sometimes twice a month our users see an error "Certificate verification failed" "The certificate verification failed in rule Block expired Server (7 Day Tolerance) and expired CA certificates"


      If I log onto the gateway, head over to Certificate whitelist and select "fetch certificate from host" for the 2 train line entries i'm then good to go again for another 3 or 4 weeks even though the new certs have an expiry date of at least 6+ months


      I was hoping someone could advise what s going on or point me in the right direction if i'm missing some config or setting somewhere ?


      Thank you