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    exclude directory issue via ePO




      we want to exclude some directories and we insert rules in exclusions tab for virusscan on ePO

      We insert following rules for on read and on write;





      d:\nsc\     (selectted exclude subfolders option)



      D:\NSC\   (selectted exclude subfolders opetion)


      however, virus scan continues scan this directory on some computers.

      I can see scan this directory on-access scan statistics interface, not scan all computer but some computer continues scan this path


      and On-Acess Scan Statics show this path : D:\...NSC\

      but, this path name seems D:\NSC on computer


      and I can see this path in exclusions list on mcafee virus scan agent from client side.

      so seems client side can get this rules however, vrius scan continues scan this path


      do you have any idea ? because i can't see issue



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          you could verifiy wether or not VSE is scanning. Please have a look into the KB-article for using ProcessExplorer: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB50981


          There is also the possibility in activating the debug modus for vse where the the scanned files are written into a logfile but for this you have to open a #SR for getting the neccessary informations for enabling the debug mode.




          €: Not every "seeable" scan location is really scanned as you expect it, some are just "mentioned" like "Oh yes, i see you File/Folder but I leave you be and go on" - Sorry, I do not know in how to exlain this better in english..:-/