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    Quick view report (users and sites visited)


      Dear All,


      I am running web reporter and I don't have premium features license, I want a report showing user name and the sites those user names visited during last 7 days. So I created a filter as 'staff' and fetched all user from our AD.


      Next I go to quick view reports > Custom > Specified the dates > Report type and Filters > user name activity for > here from drop down instead of all user names, I selected 'staff' for picking user name


      Rest as default and I clicked view, report is generated with user names, when I further click user name I can see a link of site and I click it I can see visited site by that user, but how to save this information for all users in report. A report that will show us all users and which sites they visited. I hope I am clear in my question and requirement. See attached photo for what I am explaining here.


      Waiting for response.