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    Push updates

      Just wondering how many of you do push updates? On the VSE front clients schedule their own task to pick up updates anyway, so is there much point? So to apps like compliance profiler I don't know if they need updates pushed out, or have their own update mechanism.
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          The agent update task (settings section) you use has the option to do all products or just some like dats and engine.

          What you update is up to you and how much control you want to exert, I personally just update dats/engine and VSE patches and distribute other things when im sure I want to on a seperate update task
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            I have the following:

            1. Engine
            2. DAT
            3. ePO Agent Key Updater
            4. VirusScan Enterprise
            5. System Compliance Profiler Templates
            6. Anti-Spam Engine Rule and Update
            I'm guessing these are allocated as follows:

            1. Used by VSE
            2. Used by VSE
            3. McAfee Agent, possibly for changing key for encrypting comms?
            4. Used by VSE
            5. Used by ePO to get compliance information from client-side
            6. Used by McAfee Active Defence and not VSE?
            1 and 2 appear to be covered by VSE client side pulls, so I wonder if there is a point to scheduling pushes from ePO.

            4 is, I'm going to guess, handled by the VSE deployment task if it's setup to run on policy enforcement?

            3, 5 I'm not sure about. Do they have to be pushed? Do those programs have client-side pull updates similar to VSE?

            6 I believe is irrelevant to me as we don't use Active Defence.. Defender... whatever.
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              I dont understand what you mean by a push? there is no push..

              The agent update task updates the clients from the EPO server according to what sections you told it to update in the agents task settings.

              Or do you mean you have global updating enabled?
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                No, it's just me mis-understanding policies, thinking of a Client Task "Product Update" task as a push, when it's actually downloaded and actioned by the client at the scheduled time and thus becomes a pull.

                Since products like VSE automatically setup such a task, and so far as I can see the Client Task "Product Update" does not override this, it simply sits alongside it as a second update, is there any reason to schedule such an update via ePO?
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                  You mean you are administering using EPO but still using the basic autoupdate rather than the agent update tasks (that will show up in the console of VSE) to update VSE?
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                    We currently use both as part of a "better to overkill than miss stuff" until we have a full understanding of all the components.