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    MCAFEE GW (PUP-RGEJ) & MCAFEE (Artemis!B55D01F0A46E)




      This is Josh, account manager for Usoris Systems LLC, the developers of Remote Utilities(ENG-INT Ver.) and RMS-Remote Access (Russian).

      I'm writing today here due to non-reply through the normal False Positive Email report channel.

      We currently have multiple issues on both versions of our software and we really need to get this resolved asap as it is costing us significant loss revenue due to false positives.



      Both versions of our software are basically built and functions the same. The only key difference between  "Remote Utilities" is that it is signed with a DigiCert code while "RMS-Remote Access" is signed with a Thawte code. Another important note is that "Remote Utilities" our more popular software is included on Mcafee whitelist.


      Official Site:

      Remote Utilities(English): https://www.remoteutilities.com/

      RMS-Remote Access(Russian): https://rmansys.ru/




      Remote Utilities (ENG) - Before posting here, I've already sent and reported to Mcafee through email in regards to MCAFEE-GW detecting our software as PUP which it should not be since our software has not had an updated version since it got included on Mcafees whitelist plus we've already resolved this riskware detection in the past. I've already received a resolution reply stating that our software was clean and the detection was removed but we could still see the PUP-RGEJ on virustotal.com

      RMS-Remote Access(RUS) - Our Russian version is currently plague with multiple False Positives from different A/Vs including Mcafee and we've only started to place more focus on resolving and removing them due to Google/Chromes new policy. Due to the number of false positives on each of our software modules for RMS, we're unable to follow and report the false positive issue through the email Virus_Research@avertlabs.com due to file size restrictions.  Currently 10 of our software modules are being detected by Mcafee and Mcafee GW as (PUP-RGEJ) and (Artemis!B55D01F0A46E)

      We're really hoping and looking forward to get some help escalating our issues here as it has already been a month and different smaller A/V vendors have started to follow Mcafee and plagued our software/s with false positives.