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    ESM Report - How can make query to sort out by device name?




      Does any one can advice me how I can make query what sorted by device name - specific data source field into reporting option? Currently I am creating a report which VPN terminal initiation completed by our old VPN appliances and I can sort out source IPs, event ID and etc... In to the event tab from dashboard, I can see specific data source name but no idea what filter option is indicate this device name field on report option.


      On the my test report template, I can see below option from Query wizard that:

      - Fields : Device Type ID, Device_Action, Device_IP and Device_Port

      - Filter : Device Type ID, Device_Action, Device_IP, Device_Port and Device_IP


      I tried to choose each option but nothing was bring me up result what I expected.


      Please advice what is the best option for this method and best practice.