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    Unsuccessful GUI admin logon


      So... here is my random thought for the day that could technically be regarded as a feature request question.  I messed up my GUI logon this morning and ended up putting my username and password in the username field - apparently my tab key was asleep.  We use AD for authentication so this was my AD username and password.  My credentials were displayed in plain text on the dashboard as a warning.  The problem with that, depending on the number of GUI users you have and how often they access the GUI, is that your network credentials are displayed for all to see should they pay any attention to errors reported on the dashboard - that is a security flaw.  Has there been any thought about redacting portions of the user name on the dashboard as logons are reported?  If only the first 3 or 4 characters were displayed I think most people would be able to correlate that to a GUI user.  Any thoughts beyond "be careful typing"?