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    RSD VPN Uncovered Subnets Question


      When looking at Detected Systems>Uncovered Subnets I click on one of the uncovered subnets (Public routable Subnet, Adresses changed below). The resulting page says:


      Subnet Name:999.99.9.0 
      Subnet Address:999.99.9.0
      Subnet Mask:
      Contains Rogue:No

      There are currently no detections associated with this subnet


      I click on "View Managed Systems" and there is one system in the 999.99.9.0 (Fictional) subnet. I click on the systems details and see that RSD is installed and the sensor is active. I click on the RSD tab and then click more and see:


      Rogue System Sensors Information  



      Sensor Name:Rogue System Sensor -
      Description:Rogue System Sensor -
      Last Communication Time:4/19/16 4:41:13 PM
      Sensor Type:Detection
      Sensor Version:
      Computer Name:REDACTED
      First Communication Time:4/19/16 4:08:43 PM
      First Recorded Time:4/19/16 4:08:47 PM
      Last Recorded Time:4/19/16 4:41:18 PM
      Last Started Time:4/19/16 4:08:47 PM
      Last Stopped Time:
      Sensor's Managed System Information  



      Sensor's Subnet Information  



        Subnet Name:    
      Subnet Address192.168.48.0
      Subnet Mask255.255.252.0



      Our VPN range is 192.168.X.X, system does belong to a VPN user


      The RSD sensor is bound to the VPN IP Address! I want to avoid RSD Sensor binding to the VPN address, how do I make that happen? Is this fixed in RSD 5.0.2 or RSD 5.0.3?


      Thanks for any and all replies.