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    Licensing for ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1


      Hello, I have never worked with ePolicy Orchestrator before and am trying to figure out if one of our clients needs more licenses. I kind of find the license page within the orchestrator a little confusing. All I want to know is how many licenses the system currently has and how many devices are using a license. I see a "total managed device count", a "total device count" and a "total product count" .


      Below that, I see a count by product and then I see all sorts of items in that list like "MCDATREP1000", McAfee Agent, PCR_____1000, and Product Improvement Program. All of theose have different counts.


      Below that, I see an Entitlement Information area with a bunch of different counts.


      Can anyone help me make any sense of this? Thanks!

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          Hi itdweeb99,

          EPO has no technical Limitation regarding licenses. McAfee trusts customers to purchase the right amount of licenses.

          MCDATREP1000: This is the McAfee DAT Reputation Service. This Feature must not be licensed. You may install the Extension to manage it.

          PCR_____1000: Product Coverage Reports is also just a plugin and must not be licensed.

          If you see just the Plugin Names and not the product Name, an Extension is missing.

          MCDATREP1000 -> McAfee DAT Reputation Service

          PCR_____1000 -> Product Coverage Reports


          Which Agent Version you are using?? At the Moment i´m not sure if PCR is installes when using Agent 5.x.


          For VSE/Endpoint 10 -> just take a look at the managed machines which connected to EPO recently.


          Can you please Show a screenshot of the entitlement Information?



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            It looks like it is agent version 4.8. Here is a screenshot of the license page.


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              Hi, looks fine,

              so, if you download the Software with yout GRANT Number or through the EPO Software Manager and the total device Count is not higher than your purchased license Count everything is fine.

              If you have some more Clients shown in the total device count, e.g. if you are replacing endpoints and so on, this is okay.


              You Need license for EPO itselft, when purchasing endpoint licensed an EPO license is always included.


              If you have futher questions regarding your licensed it is a goot Option to ask your McAfee Representative.


              Hope this helps,