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    How does CMA fit in?

      I currently have a mix of VSE 8.0i and 8.5i installed on our 10 office PC's (all running XP Pro SP2). I use AutoUpdate Architect to maintain a repository on our server (Server2003). I have never seen the need to use ePo with only 10 PC's but am wondering about CMA, what it is, what it does and whether it would be of any value to me. I'm amazed that all I can find about it on McAfee's web site is the downloads, release notes and KB articles addressing security issues. Any general info on CMA would be appreciated.

      Brian Fluet
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          The common management agent CMA is an agent based on each machine that updatesand installs of mcafee products to the machine from a PP or EPO system and maintains policies for VSE and other products as set by that Management server. The agent reports back information on updates, malware etc to the management server.

          You dont need EPO for 10 machines this would be massive overkill (and very expensive)

          NB CMA/Mcafee agent/EPO agent are all the same thing,the Mcafee agent is the latest incarnation that they are moving towards
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            Sorry to hi jack this thread, but is there a better alternative to PP, for 10-30 or so users, then, Tony?
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              Yes there is a small business solution for 10-50/100 (depends which bit you read) but it uses a web based central control and everyone I have ever heard use it hates it.

              Single centralized management console
              Centralize installation, configuration, reporting, updates and group management for all users—no matter where they are—with web-based McAfee SecurityCenter; we host the infrastructure for policies and reports, so there are no additional hardware or software investments required for centralized management

              link to it is here: http://www.mcafee.com/uk/small/products/anti_virus/file_servers_desktops/total_p rotection_smb.html