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    Automatic Report Generation Not Working

      I have a really strange problem that I cannot find a resolution for and wondered if anyone has come across this before.

      I have a bunch of Automatically generated reports that work fine except for one group. If I run the report manually it works OK, but if create a job to run the same report and e-mail it (or export it to a PDF), I get the e-mail but no report (or no PDF is generated, even though the Server Task Log screen says it has been produced OK).

      The group structure is setup as this:


      and below this are sub groups:

      GlobalRoot\Directory\Site\Clients\1st Floor
      GlobalRoot\Directory\Site\Clients\2nd Floor

      If I set the report to "Starts With" - GlobalRoot\Directory\Site then I get nothing generated.

      However, if I select each subgroup individually it works fine. However, there are quite a few subgroups and I don't want to have to remember to add them manually in the future if other groups are created.

      The only other thing to mention is that if I select "Chart Only" in the report, it works OK and only failes if I select "Chart and Drill-Down data" - which is what I need.

      All other Sites/Groups work Ok - I only have this problem with the one site - it's got me baffled!

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          Just thought I'd post an update to this as McAfee Support have finally managed to resolve this and it may be relevant to other people.

          Basically, some machines intermittently report their DAT version as "N/A". Unfortunately ePO 4 only accepts numerics in the DAT version field, so it bombs out whenever it comes across a machine reporting as N/A.

          I now have a SQL script to show any machines reporting in as N/A - I can then upgrade the AV / Agent etc to bring the machine into line.

          Apparently this bug will be fixed in ePO 4.5 (whenever that is released).