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    VSE 8.8 Patch 6 and Patch 7 on Windows 2003

    Steve Chmiewliski

      Hi All


      We are still running Windows 2003 on a number of servers and will not be updating for a while.

      I have been trying to patch the VSE 8.8 installs on a number of these server from Patch 4 to either Patch 6 of Patch 7.


      If I try to update using the agent (Update security) I get a message that the patch failed to update. If I then try to patch it manually running the setup.exe I get the following logged in the event log. No other logs are written for the attempted install




      I have also tried removing the existing install of VSE 8.8 with patch 4 and then trying to install the complete packaged version of VSE with Patch 6 and Patch 7 but the install fails with the installer was interrupted before it could complete.

      Again no logs are written.

      Has anybody else had this issue and did they find a resolution before I log a support call with McAfee.