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    Monitoring files to a e-mail client




      I hope all is well.


      My customer has got DLP 9.4 installed on his network and he would like to know if it is possible for me to monitor files leaving a shared drive on his network to a mail client such as Gmail, hotmail etc??????


      Many thanks



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          Begin by defining the shared folder in the definitions menu

          Next, create a new classification which will use location based criteria for any files within that location you defined earlier. The use of tagged criteria will ensure that even if the files are first saved on a local drive, will still trigger the following rule.

          You can now create a web-post protection rule, and as long as the appropriate operational modules are enabled in the client configuration, the traitor will be caught.

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            Thank you very much for getting back to me.


            I am very new to DLP 9.4 so please bare with me on this one but when i goto adding a new classification name, it does not seem to "add",

            Is there any reason why this should happen????

            And just to confirm, after creating the rule in DLP 9.4, do i need to update the revision id or is it just waking up the agent will send the policy to the client?????


            Thanks inadvance



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              Can you explain the steps you are following? Is there any option greyed out?

              Is DLP licensed?


              All changes in the policies need to be applied first, so yes the revision id should be increased, in any policy change.