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    Windows 10 & tray icon issue with DLP installed


      When I install the DLP (9.4) on a Windows 10 machine, the tray icon stops functioning. What's worse is as soon as I right-click on it, the menu will appear but no more clicking is possible. It also causes window focus issues as if the tray icon is open but hidden and its continually stealing focus. Another side effect is the start button becomes un-clickable. If i reboot the machine it will be fine until I try to right-click the tray icon again.


      I am using the latest version of all McAfee products including VSE, SAE, HIPS, FRMP & DLP (full suite). The issue only presents itself when the DLP is installed. If I remove the DLP, the issue goes away. I am running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro x64 with all patches.


      Anyone seeing this?