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    NSP - NSM Appliance reimage


      We have bought a Network Security Manager Appliance (http://www.mcafee.com/us/resources/data-sheets/ds-network-security-manager.pdf)


      The appliance have a pre-installed Windows 2008 and it brings a CD with a .tib file (acronis?).


      Does anyone knows if this CD is bootable? Does it autoboot and install Windows and NSM?

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          Hi Guillote,


          The manager appliance should come with a recovery DVD which should be bootable.


          Is there anything printed on the disk you have?


          Do you have an issue with the appliance that requires it to be re-installed?



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            Hi Peter,


            The appliance is not working properly. I have some errors on the event viewer asociated with a intermitent faillure with remote desktop.


            The DVD I have received has a .TIB file on it (Acronis?).

            Q1: Is this bootable without acronis installed? I did not tested it yet because I'm some miles away from the appliance.


            Also, I have received the DVD with NSM 7.1,

            Q2: is it possible to download the DVD ISO for NSM 8.x somewhere?


            Thanks in advance.

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              Hi Guillote,


              If you put the DVD in the appliance it should boot without having to install anything else.


              I don't know if you can download a new ISO with later versions of software, you can download newer version of the NSM manager software and upgrade the appliance.


              Probably best to contact support and ask them.