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    File Exclusions from ePO Not Working




      I've been pulling my hair out over this, because I feel like there must be something incredibly obvious that I'm missing. I'm trying to run the McAfee Profiler on a client machine so I can see if I need to make an exclusion for a program that's been moving incredibly slow ever since I installed McAfee. I have VSE exclusions configured from the ePO. The machine in question is within the organization where the policy has been applied. I can pulled up the On Access Scanner properties on the client machine and see these exclusions listed. However, whenever I try to run the McAfee Profiler, VSE blocks it.


      Here's what the log file says:

      4/15/2016    9:41:51 AM    Blocked by Access Protection rule     TYG\adm-kmwatters    C:\PROGRAM FILES\MCAFEE\MCAFEE PROFILER\MCPROFILER.EXE    HKLM\SOFTWARE\MCAFEE\SYSTEMCORE\VSCORE\ON ACCESS SCANNER\BEHAVIOURBLOCKING\    Common Standard Protection:Prevent modification of McAfee files and settings    Action blocked : Write


      When I disable the On-Access Scanner, the same issue reoccurs. When I disable Access Protection, the program will finally run. The exclusion I'm creating in the ePO (which is then reflected on the local machine in the On-Access Scanner properties) is the file path to the same exact EXE that the log file above is listing as being blocked: C:\PROGRAM FILES\MCAFEE\MCAFEE PROFILER\MCPROFILER.EXE


      As just a test to see if the On-Access Scanner and Access Protection had their own separate exclusions (even though I can't see a separate section in Access Protection Properties), I disabled the Access Protection to allow me to run the profiler, added an exclusion to another program and using an exact file path to the exe, and the profiler listed it as being scanned by McAfee. Clearly that exclusion failed as well, but the scanner was still running in spite of Access Protection being disabled. So I'm really confused at this point. How come I can't get exclusions to work?