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    Get EE0F0001 error after inputting correct administrator password


      We are testing Mcafee epolicy orchestrator 5.3x and also install all hotfixes and patches in server side. After depolying drive encryption agent to one client through

      LAN domain network and add encryption user in epo 5.3x, the client starts to encrypt all disks. After disk encryption is complete, reboot the clinet, it will present a

      Mcafee longin screen in POST. Input correct password: zaq1@WSX, cannot log in and show the error code: EE0F0001. After doing some clarification, we found it's caused

      by Mcafee interface could not recognize the word: "@". But this is not our BIOS or Keyboard layout problem becuase of we input "@" in specifical field in BIOS or DOS

      environment is ok. I think this needs Mcafee to explain why some words cannot be recognized normally in preboot Mcafee login interface.