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    File infected BackDoor-FCWZ!528C982BC9AC. Undetermined clean error, delete failed




      We recently acquire mcafee as an Antivirus, but most of the ODS detection on Backdoor virus always results to File infected. Undetermined clean error, delete failed, Action taken none.

      here are some information on the virus


      Malware detected
      Event ID:1284
      Threat Severity:Critical
      Threat Name:BackDoor-FCWZ!528C982BC9AC
      Threat Type:Trojan
      Action Taken:None
      Threat Handled:False


      We have Mcafee VSE 8.8 1445

      Nodes are installed with the updated dat file.

      as for our policy we set:

      when threat is found  perform clean 1st the delete when failed

      unwanted program perform clean 1st the delete when failed

      why mcafee cannot delete or clean this virus.