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    Upgrade 3.6.1 -> 4.0 Error

      Hi All

      Hope someone might be able to help out with the error I've been getting while trying to upgrade from ePO version 3.6.1 (no patches) to v4.0.

      When upgrading, after the install page that specifies the ports the installation errors with an error relating to failed SQL authentication. Obviously all is working ok with version 3.6.1, there are no problems with the SQL account being used, it has a simple password and we can create an ODBC connection to the database successfully.

      Exert from the setup.log below, again this suggests an SQL authentication error however in the log it also says that SQL authentication has been successfully earlier on in the log.

      20080409143449 Patch registry key found: [PATCH_15]
      20080409143449 VirusScan 8.0i was detected with Patch 15.
      20080409143449 reg enum: 0x734[38]
      20080409143449 end of reg enum.
      20080409143449 reg close: 0x734
      20080409143449 Entered IsCMARebootPending function.
      20080409143449 CMA reboot pending NOT detected.
      20080409143449 Entered IsNotEnoughRAMDetected function.
      20080409143449 RAM detected: [2047]
      20080409143449 Entered IsDisplayResolutionNoEnough function.
      20080409143449 Resolution detected: [1024x768]
      20080409143950 Error calling WSAStartup (): [0]
      20080409143950 Host name detected so determine IP Address.
      20080409143950 Bytes Sent: 1
      20080409143950 OutputFromSQLServerQuery = ServerName:CDB,InstanceName:MSSQLSERVER,IsClustered:Yes,Version:8.00.194,np:\\C DB\pipe\sql\query,tcp:1433;ServerName:RECLPRDSQLM171,InstanceName:SQLINST1,IsClu stered:Yes,Version:8.00.194,np:\\RECLPRDSQLM171\pipe\MSSQL$SQLINST1\sql\query,tc p:8003;ServerName:RECLPRDSQLM198,InstanceName:SQLINST2,IsClustered:Yes,Version:8 .00.194,np:\\RECLPRDSQLM198\pipe\MSSQL$SQLINST2\sql\query,tcp:8004;
      20080409143950 Information returned from SQL Server [RECLPRDSQLM198] for instance name [SQLINST2]: ServerName:RECLPRDSQLM198,InstanceName:SQLINST2,IsClustered:Yes,Version:8.00.19 4,np:\\RECLPRDSQLM198\pipe\MSSQL$SQLINST2\sql\query,tcp:8004;
      20080409143950 Entered CanConnectToHostAndPort function.
      20080409143950 Connected to server on port 8004.
      20080409143950 Entered ValidateAccountAndSQL function.
      20080409143950 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.
      20080409143950 UDP port is enabled so using standard DataSource convention.
      DataSource used: [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2]
      20080409143950 Setting connection string DataSource to [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2].
      20080409143950 Connection string set for SQL Authentication database connection.
      20080409143950 SQL::connect to server RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2
      20080409143950 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.
      20080409143950 Connect to SQL server successful.
      20080409143950 Validating SQL permissions for user [McAfeeEPO] using validateUserIsDBO.
      20080409143954 Passed function validateUserIsDBO.
      20080409143954 SELECT @@VERSION returned: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.2040 (Intel X86)
      May 13 2005 18:33:17
      Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation
      Enterprise Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4)

      20080409143954 Found MSDE/SQL version to be [8.00.2040] for the selected server.
      20080409143954 Setup has detected MSDE/SQL version 8.0 SP3 or higher so allow install.
      20080409143954 sp_helpsort returned: Latin1-General, case-insensitive, accent-sensitive, kanatype-insensitive, width-insensitive
      20080409143954 Detected Case-Insensitive(CI) collation for SQL server. Allowing setup to continue using this SQL server.
      20080409143954 Passed function validSQLCollation
      20080409143954 Server = [RECLPRDSQLM198] Instance = [SQLINST2]
      20080409143954 Server names MATCH so allowing install to continue.
      Servername from SQL server : [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2]
      Servername from installer : [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2]
      20080409143954 Passed function validSQLInstance.
      20080409143954 Exiting function ValidateAccountAndSQL with return code: 0
      20080409143954 Entered VerifyOurDatabase function.
      20080409143954 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.
      20080409143954 UDP port is enabled so using standard DataSource convention.
      DataSource used: [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2]
      20080409143954 Setting connection string DataSource to [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2].
      20080409143954 Connection string set for SQL Authentication database connection.
      20080409143954 SQL::connect to server RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2
      20080409143954 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.
      20080409143954 Connection to server successful.
      20080409143954 SQL::execute:
      20080409143954 The query failed with the following information:
      Query performed: USE [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195]
      Error message: Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database 'ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195'. No entry found with that name. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.
      Error code: 0x80004005
      20080409143954 Database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195] does not exist so continue to next step.
      20080409143954 SQL::execute:
      create database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195]
      20080409143958 Dropping database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195].
      20080409143958 Database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195] detected so change to to [master] so that it will not be in use.
      20080409143958 Change to database [master] successful so try to drop database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195].
      20080409143958 Database [ePO4_RECLPRDAPPM195] dropped successfully.
      20080409143958 Exiting VerifyOurDatabase with return code: 0
      20080409144011 Entered PortIsInUse function.
      20080409144011 Entered PortIsInUse function.
      20080409144012 Setup has found the following available port: [9000]=[9000]
      20080409144012 Entered GetNotificationInfo function.
      20080409144012 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.
      20080409144012 UDP port is not enabled so configuring DataSource to use port number instead.
      DataSource used: [RECLPRDSQLM198,8004]
      20080409144012 Setting connection string DataSource to [RECLPRDSQLM198,8004].
      20080409144012 Connection string set for SQL Authentication database connection.
      20080409144012 SQL::connect to server RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2
      20080409144012 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.
      20080409144029 Failed to connect to SQL Server [RECLPRDSQLM198\SQLINST2] with error code [0x80004005]
      20080409144029 Description for error code is [[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found.]
      20080409144029 Failed in connectToSQLServer with error code [183].
      20080409144029 Exiting GetNotificationInfo with return code: 2

      Any help on this greatly received as we are getting nowhere fast and would like to be running v4.0

      ePO server - Win2K3 Ent SP1
      SQL Server - Win2k Ent + SQL 2000


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