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    Can't select Create url for client-side download


      We're in the process of migrating from SaaS to ePO.  We're running the ePO 5.7.0 Cloud version.  I'm attempting to create a custom installer using the reference here.

      https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 25000/PD25493/en_US/ma_500_Cloud_pg_en-u…


      However I do not see the "Create url for client-side agent download" The only option I have is "Create Agent Deployment URL for Group (My Organization)


      Any idea why that is missing? 


      For the time being i've selected the URL and i've downloaded a McAfeeSmartInstall.exe.  This file is only 769 KB.  I've been able to install the agent silently with the /s command.  I was hoping that the client-side agent download would give me a McAfeeSmartInstall.exe would give me an offline version of the package so PCs don't have to download from the ePO server.


      The manual I linked above mentioned peer-to-peer services.  The instructions for that let you enable the peer-to-peer communications on a single device and then enable the serving.  If i wanted EVERY Workstation to enable peer-to-peer.. is there an easier way to just make the change on my system tree and not on an individual basis?