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    FIPS mode after install


      Is there a way to enable FIPS mode after install in NSM and NSP


      I checked the install guide,  admin guides and CLI guide and found nothing. I even went back to 8.2 version of manuals and could find no mention of FIPS mode.

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          Hi jvdavis456,


          @ mentioned that they had configured FIPS mode on 8.1 as per the DoD deployment guide for 8.1.19.x.


          Using CAC Authentication for NSM


          This is probably something you will need to request details from support on.



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            Hi Jvdavis456,


            Don't know if you found the answer to this yet.


            Looking at Security Bulletins ID: SB10160 on the support site it mentions a 8.1.x non-FIPS image and a 8.1.x FIPS image, so it seems you would need a specific FIPS enabled software version for your managers and sensors to enable this option.





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              Thanks Peter. I assumed it was something like that. The Support agents need to understand this as they tend to push customers to upgrade to fix errors but both parties are forgetting about FIPS.

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                Just to confirm...there is a separate FIPS compliant version of NSM software. Additionally, there are also FIPS compliant versions of the sensor software that need to be installed. They are not easy to find in the download page...they are labeled something to the effect of "certified". As of last month when I did the install the highest available version was 8.2.x

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                  Hi jvdavis,


                  Yes, they are available in the Downloads section of support.mcafee.com and labeled as 'Network Security Platform Certification 8.1', the exe is labeled as 'FIPS NSM Build'. I couldn't find any links to them on the menshen1 site.



                  I don't see any version 8.2 sensor software for FIPS versions. The 8.2 software went end of life in March. Also according to the product documentation you can not run a higher sensor software version than you ave on your manager, so if you are running an 8.1 manager you should be running your sensors on 8.1 or lower.



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                    There is no switching between FIPS and non-FIPS. Like wise you cannot "upgrade to FIPS" from a non-FIPS build - has to be a fresh install.

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                      mjesmer You are correct...I wasn't suggesting that. In the scenario that raised my initial question the user performed the installation, independently from Professional Services, following all the guides which do not make anyone stop to ensure they are using the FIPS version of software if required. OOB devices tend to have non-FIPS 8.2.x (seems to vary depending on how long the device was in the warehouse). In this case they ran into issues and, under direction from support techs, ended up upgrading their NSP environment to 8.3.? to correct the issues. That is the context in which I was using the term upgrade.


                      peter.mason Yes, 8.1. Sorry for the typo