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    ePO 4.0 Patch 1 - Moving Server


      We are decomissioning an old server that currently holds our ePO Orchestrator database and install program.

      I've seen articles about how to move the database but it's not what i'm after.

      The old server is named e.g. Server1 and the new Server is named Server2.

      The new server has to stay with the name Server2 and the old server will eventually be going.

      What is the best way to get ePO Orchestrator over to Server2 and getting all the clients to point to the new server ?

      I was thinking do a complete uninstall of all the clients via the existing ePO Orchestrator, re-installing the new ePO Orchestrator on Server2 and then pushing out the clients again.

      If there is an easier way please let me know ?