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    Lack of updates and escalation procedure within Intel-McAfee


      I logged an online support ticket over 2 weeks ago and marked it level 4 since it wasn't critical per say but probably should have marked it higher since MSME is failing to scan additional mailbox stores on our Exchange server.


      Since I have logged the ticket I have had no updates unless I have requested it. I just called Intel-McAfee and have asked to speak to a supervisor (could barely understand him and the line was terrible). Apparently I will get an update in the next 24 hours. Regardless I don't think this is good enough.


      If I don't get anywhere who can I goto next in the MSME section? I really would like to speak to someone in management and preferably someone that speaks English natively. We don't have rep or sales person according to my manager. I believe we are a gold support customer.


      I should mention the only updates I have had is:


      1. We will update you in 24 hours

      2. We are looking at the logs


      This is rather disappointing considering I logged the ticket over 2 weeks ago.


      I am based in Adelaide, South Australia.