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    ePO 4.0 SLLLOOOOOOWWWW Dashboard

      I'm running ePO 4.0 on a 2.8 GHZ Dual CPU Dual Core server with 4 GB of RAM, Windows 2003 SP2. The SQL 2005 DB is running on a 3 GHZ Dual CPU Dual Core server with 16 GB of Ram, Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2. There are 35,000 clients reporting back now. We will be adding another 12,000 in the next few months.

      Anytime I try to access the Dashboard it takes FOREVER. Sometimes 5 - 10 min just to open a dashboard. Sometimes IE will just timeout. This is extremely annoying and makes it hard to look at reports. If I’m in on any of the other tabs it tends to work OK and isn’t as delayed. I'm sure its delayed from running the reports so it can display them on the dashboard. But what good is the dashboard if its unusable? Do any of you experience this? Any ideas on how to improve this? EventParser.exe hangs right around 75% and often jumps to 100% utilization. :confused:

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          The dashboards are the results of reports/queries, if you bring one up you are running the associated queries first.

          Create a blank dashboard then add in the ones (reports/queries) you use one by one till you find the one thats taking so long to load.

          The dump it :P

          I have noticed some of the queries/reports are not dashboard friendly and will either take 5 years to load or crash, So i dont use them on a dashboard and just run them when they actually need to be run.

          Corrupt data from the clients will also make things last ages or crash some reports/queries.