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    getting "ERROR_UnknownList (38)" error in qryExecuteDetail rest api


      wile calling qryExecuteDetail rest API in my php application i am getting below error. please help me in this.

      Error message : ERROR_UnknownList (38)

      Thanks in advance

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          siddamsetti Did you ever get ans to this ? I am also getting same error? CopyRon any solution to this ?

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            I'm still getting this error, even when I can run a query successfully and it's listed in ESM as completed. For example:

            C:\ESMOrcAPI2.py event getevents -j json_event_qry.conf


            The contents of the JSON file with the query:

            {"config": {

                "timeRange": "CUSTOM",

                "customStart": "2017-07-17T01:00:00.000Z",

                "customEnd": "2017-07-19T17:00:00.000Z",

                "order": [{

                    "direction": "ASCENDING",

                    "field": {

                        "name": "SrcIP",

                        "typeBits": 17,

                        "id": "None"



                "includeTotal": true,

                "fields": [{

                    "name": "SrcIP",

                    "typeBits": 17,

                    "id": "None"


                "filters": [{

                    "type": "EsmFieldFilter",

                    "field": {"name": "SigID"},

                    "operator": "EQUALS",

                    "values": [{

                        "type": "EsmBasicValue",

                        "value": "484-5000008"



                "limit": 0,

                "offset": 0,

                "netmask": ""



            The result returned by ESM:

            {'return': {'stopTime': '2017/07/19 17:00:00', 'totalResultID': 140097983906624, 'groupByString': '', 'resultID': 140097983890240, 'totalRows': 0, 'startTime': '2017/07/17 01:00:00', 'countColumn': 0, 'labelColumn': 0, 'attributeColumn': 0, 'drilldownColumn': 1}}


            Then when I finally try to retrieve the results using the resultID, it fails with this error: ERROR_UnknownList (38)

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              Hi guys, I finally found a solution to this problem. You get this error ERROR_UnknownList (38) when you are trying to retrieve the results of a query via API with a different session than the one that originated the query in the first place. It was that simple and that hard to troubleshoot! So basically, when you send a Detailed Query to the API, create a for or while loop that will wait until the results are obtained (via qryGetStatus) so that you can then retrieve the results in the same session. Alternatively, store the cookies and don't exit the script until the results are obtained. Hope this helps!