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    Wildcards in DLP Discover


      Is there anyway to do wildcards in directory patterns for Discovery scans?


      I've got a home directory share with hundreds of user directories. I'd like to break the scan up by scanning





      That doesn't seem to work the way I'm doing it.


      Any thoughts?

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          OK... I'm answering my own question. Maybe someone else will find this useful.

          I was told by support that I couldn't wildcard searches like I asked above.  It turns out you can... but not at the root of the share. In other words, if you're scanning \\server\share you can't wildcard a*,b*,etc.

          But you CAN do it if you're working with a subdirectory.

          Say your node is "server" , your share is "F$", you've got a subdirectory named "home", and user directories under that. You can then scan the share and add criteria for "directory pattern contains home/a*

          Kind of like this picture... I've got homes/home/a*  because of nested directories, but you get the point.wildcard search.PNG