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    MA for Agent Handlers


      I'm new to agent handlers.


      Is a different agent needed for servers updating through an agent handler?


      If I have a group of servers updating directly from ePO and then I install an agent handler for them to get their updates from, would they require a new agent to be installed?




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          Hi Isagel,


          When you create an Agent Handler you can configure which existing agents should communicate with it from the 'Agent Handler' section of the ePO console. These are called Agent Handler Assignments.

          You may want to consider the reasons behind why you are looking to implement ab Agent Handler. Typically Agent Handlers are deployed in large environments (10000+ nodes) to reduce bandwidth for communication to ePO server or they can be deployed in a DMZ to facilitate Agent-to-Server communication with roaming systems over the internet (remote laptops without vpn access to network).


          As you mentioned updates would you not find distributed repositories a more useful implementation?


          Alternatively if you are looking to route all traffic from the servers to the ePO server through one firewall rule you could consider using a Relay Agent (introduced by McAfee Agent 5.x)


          Hope this is helpful,

          Kind regards,