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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free)/(Trial) .. ?




      I use McAfee Antivirus software.

      And I learned here that I should use "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free)" to complete the safeguard of the computer.


      Lately I get update offer from Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware ... and the (Free) Version became (Trial) Version.


      I've heard that Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware Fullversion contains additionally an Antivirus software.

      I don't need 2 Antivirus softwares.


      What can I do?

      Where can I download a "Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware (Free)"? without the Antivirus part.

      Thank you.

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          Uninstall Malwarebytes and go to www.malwarebytes.org and choose downloads and then free version. At the end of the install you will be offered a free "trial" do not enable this or you will be back where you are now.


          It should not clash with Mcafee and it is good to have a second choice.It is designed to work along with an AV not to be a standalone 1 itself