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    Malware Content Pack - content missing and directions lacking


      I have been working with my teammate to install and test Content Packs for the first time.  We have 9.5.0 MR7 20150908,  and we have tested the Malware Content Pack in particular.


      We were unaware of the need to change the assignee for Alarms to make them visible by others.  But we've figured that out.  It should be in the post-installation information.

      We also found that the views were not visible by anyone else, until we revoked "inherit permissions" and set manual permissions.  (unclear how to manage default root folder permissions).  It should be in the post-installation information.


      It turns out that we are not seeing exactly the same content as indicated in the published documentation.  It should be updated.  The details in the SIEM Content Pack section do appear to match the contents.



      REGISTERED - SIEM Content Pack for Malware

      Technical Articles ID:  KB84746
      Last Modified:  2/4/2016


      Specifically, the following are missing from our install.


      these alarms don't exist:

      • Malware – ePO Investigation
      • Malware – ePO Repeated Investigation


      these views don't exist:

      • Recurring Malware View
      • Malware Investigation View
      • Malware Host and User Trending View



      these correlation rules don't exist:

      • Malware – ePO Repeated Investigation
      • Malware – ePO Malware Investigation


      these reports aren't present: 

      • Malware – Infected Hosts (Hourly)
      • Malware – Infected Hosts (Daily)


      and these watchlists don't exist:

      • Malware - Infected Hostname 1Hr
      • Malware - Infected Hostname 24Hr
      • Malware - Infected Source IP 24Hr


      and these variables don't exist:

      The HOST_IPS_SERVERS variable is meant to hold the IP addresses of all the ePO devices.




      Are these no longer included in version 1.2.0?