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    Changing Agent-to-Server Communication Port

      I already followed knowledge base article 614037 (https://knowledge.mcafee.com/article/579/614037_f.SAL_Public.html) and I assumed everything went in fine. I checked on the web interface the A2S port and it was set at 8083 like I wanted.

      Now when I re-deploy agents the sitelist.xml and sitemaplist.xml both still point to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080. I double checked everything to make sure i did it all correctly. I even ran through the steps a second time, to no avail.

      Is there something missing from the KB article or am I jsut doing somethign incorrectly?

      BTW, I tried to completely remove the agent from a PC then deploy the agent to it as well, but had the same issue. Could their maybe be a temp file somewhere that is overriding the 8083 port? (Just an idea doubt that's what it is)

      Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

      EDIT: New Idea, am supposed to be entering 8083 or just 83 in for all of these? I assumed 8083 since it said 8080 previously but based of the directions it seems more like just 83 would be the way to go. Any ideas?

      I will try it and report results.

      EDIT #2: Well tried that to no avail, there has to be a file somewhere that I am missing that is making the agent not update through 8083, but I cannot find it. Every machine is not communicating with the server now so it is obviously listening on the new port. It just isn't sending the right port out when deploying agents. Please help!
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          What does the sitelist.xml in the <epo install dir>\DB (maybe DB\Software) say ?
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            These all look fine I checked every file(I think) inside the ePO directory, ones in db\software\current, and anywhere else i could find them. After restarting the servers they would all update themselves but would not deploy the new port number to agents.

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <ns:SiteLists xmlns:ns="naSiteList" LocalVersion="20030131002737" GlobalVersion="20080410184126" Type="Client">
            <SiteList Default="1" Name="Default">
            <HttpSite Name="McAfeeHttp" ID="McAfeeHttp" Server="update.nai.com:80" Enabled="1" Type="fallback">
            <Password Encrypted="1">f2mwBTzPQdtnY6Q654dgh654gd8z0HbZ2OkDTrFXsR/abAFPM9B3Q==</Password>
            <SpipeSite ID="{EA4A7438-F53C-4288-AA5E-08C14BA9F323}" Enabled="1" Type="master" Name="ePO_SERVERNAME" Version="4.0.0" Server="servername.domainname.com:8083" ServerName="SERVERNAME:8083" ServerIP=""><RelativePath>Software</RelativePath></SpipeSite></SiteList>
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              I would try the following: Change something in the agents repository setting - like changing the repository selection method or adding a temporary distributed repository - then reactivate a client and check the port number in the sitelist.xml again.
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                I just said screw it and reinstalled, backed up agent keys and database and started over. Ports are being replaced fine now, just sad I have to re-deploy every agent=\