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    unable to exicute query


      HI All,

      Iam new to SIEM, When iam trying to exicute query through php getting below error. any one help me in this. below is my program and error message.


      Error Message : Error processing request, see server logs for more details



                            {"config": {

                              "timeRange": "LAST_3_DAYS",

                              "order": [{

                                  "direction": "ASCENDING",

                                  "field": {"AvgSeverity": "(FLOAT)"}


                              "includeTotal": false,

                              "fields": [{"AvgSeverity": "(FLOAT)"}],

                              "filters": [{

                                  "type": "EsmFieldFilter",

                                  "field": {"AvgSeverity": "(FLOAT)"},

                                  "operator": "IN",

                                  "values": [{

                                      "type": "EsmWatchlistValue",

                                      "watchlist": {"value": 0}



                              "limit": 0