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    Using EPO to Pull and Place SDAT File

      I thought by checking the legacy option in a scheduled pull task that it would pull down the sdatxxxx.exe file, but for me it isn't.

      Using EPO 3.6.1

      I have my pull task set to Repository Pull, daily etc. Source repository is NAIHttp, destination branch is current and I have support legacy product update checked.

      All my repositories packages are set for everything under the packages tab. Daily dat files are getting to my repositories and machines are updating fine, but for those times when a machine becomes troublesome I would like to be able to just run the current sdatxxxx.exe file.

      Is there another way of doing it or should the above work? I want to download the current sdatxxxx.exe file each day and push it out to my repositories and actually even rename the file to just sdat.exe.