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    Possibility to handle errors of proxy modules within the error handler?


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to tweak our web gateway ruleset in a way that users will get more information why there access failed and to reduce the number of support tickets at our helpdesk.

      One idea is to set a user-defined property with boolean value within the rule set and to evaluate it within the error template to decide wether this error is "worth" opening a ticket or not.

      If yes, a box with link to our ticket system will be shown via java script which is otherwise not visible on the error page.

      This works with "normal" rules, but as errors from the proxy module like "cannot connect" or "host not resolvable" do not appear in the error handler, I cannot use this technique for such errors.

      Is it possible to include procy module errors somehow in the error handler?


      Thank you and best regards,