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    How do I uninstall McAfee software using only Command Prompt?


      Hello everyone!


      I am currently having issues rebooting my PC after trying to install the McAfee Internet Security on my computer. The PC will not reboot and I still have files on my desktop which I need to recover before resetting my PC. This will be my 2nd time resetting the PC to factory default and I am trying to avoid going through the hassle of reinstalling all my programs again.


      I figure if I could delete the McAfee program from my desktop, it should be able to help my PC reboot. However I only have access to the command prompt and I tried the method outlined in the Windows 7 forum post here: Programs - Uninstall using Command Prompt in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums.


      However it didn't work as I had the same error message as another forum poster. This is the error message:

      Node - MININT-BIRNS7C


      Description = Invalid class

      Is anyone able to help point me to the right direction to solve this and get my PC running again? Thanks all in advance !