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    How to disable scheduled On-Demand Scan in ePo 5.6?


      Hi There...


      I have a problem disabling scheduled scans in ePo 5.6.

      I can see several Client tasks which doesn't have the option to be deleted or changed. I finally found out that I could assign the On-Demand Scan to my system and disable the scheduling. but now it seem that my system have 2 assigned policies. 1 with disabled schedule and 1 with enabled schedule. How is it possible to either delete the "built-in" on-demand scan schedule or change it's behavior? -and is it really possible that by default each system has both quick and full scan enabled at the same time? isn't that kind of counter-productive?


      I hope that I'm just missing a major point here, and that disabling the on-demand scan is easy breezy.


      above is from ePO -> System Tree -> Assigned Client Tasks
      where the 2 assignements i have made myself has options for edit and delte but the 2 built-in assignments doesn't have edit and delte options. what gives?