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    McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for Business - Help with planning


      Our company just recently went with MeAfee's Complete Endpoint Protection for Business plan. We are targeting to use/setup AV and Encryption on all company workstations (Laptops & Desktops). We've recently received all the licensing and information we need to get started but since this was kind of thrown on our lap, we aren't sure what's the best way to set this up. After reading into it, I would think to install ePO on an internal Server, have the database created on a SQL box, but would it be best to setup another server in the DMZ and install the Endpoint application so that any device outside our network would still be able to connect to that DMZ box and get the policy updates? Planning and setting this up is usually not my forte. For me, the pre-planning for the servers/ports/networking is more difficult then actually installing and managing ePO