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    Endpoint Security 10.1 - Permanently disable firewall on client


      Hello People,


      I've just switched from the old McAfee SaaS protection to the new endpoint security 10.1 software. I've installed it on a server, disabled the firewall (it blocked an internal URL to our CRM software), and all was well.

      The problem is, after several hours, the firewall pops back on automatically. I've tried to disable it trough the client interface, i've also plainly deinstalled the firewall module in Windows 'Programs & features'. The next morning, the firewall was active again.


      Although I manage McAfee for the company I work for, i'm by no means an IT specialist, and the new interface seems really complicated to me. Could anyone point me to the right directions to permanently disable the firewall on this particular client?


      Many thanks!