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    Agents and distributed repositories


      in my central office I have a ePO 3.6 Server which is my master repository. I also have about 100 remote sites. Each remote sites has his own mirrored repository (for VSE) and some clients.
      All remote sites and the central office are connected through vpn.

      My plan was to have the clients at the remote sites to get the updates from the mirrored repository in their own subnet. In case the mirror is down the clients should retrieve their updates from the master repository.

      To achieve this goal I configured the agents to use the "subnet" to decide from which mirror they should retrieve updates.

      But I noticed, when a mirror repository is down on remote site A, then the clients on remote site A are retrieving their updates from remote site B but not from the master repository.

      How do agents select their repository if there is no active mirror in their subnet?

      How can I prevent agents on one remote site to contact a mirrored repository at a different remote site? Agents should only contact their own mirror or the master repository.

      I know I could create "user defined lists" for each remote site, but this would make a lot of work because I have more than 100 remote sites. I would have to create for each remote site a "user defined list", which just includes one local mirror repository and the master repository"
      Is this the only solution for my problem?

      Best regards