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    After ePO upgrade from 5.1.1 to 5.3.1, System Tree hangs when "this group and all subgroups" is chosen


      Hi All,


      After we upgraded to 5.3.1, we are no longer able to choose the "Workstations" container within the System Tree when the preset "This Group and All Subgroups" is chosen without waiting literally minutes for the result to appear. All else is snappy within the console, we can choose individual subcontainers within the console without issues and all else happens without delay as well.


      We are only managing around 2,000 workstations with this ePO server and we never had this issue before we upgraded around a week ago.




      In case this is relevant, I've noticed a difference in the database table names. The letters "MT" are appended to most tables, but queries both including and excluding the "MT" will work without issues (Select * FROM ePOBranchNode and Select * FROM ePOBranchNodeMT will yield the same results):



      Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Is there a solution to this? Naturally the Workstations with all Subgroups view is very important to us but currently entirely unusable.


      Thanks for any advice or info you can provide me.