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    Help required with EPO 4.0 Dashboards....

      Hi again guys,

      Hope I'm not becoming too much of a pain on here! I'm trying to get everything sorted on my server to roll it out everywhere as soon as I can now but feel like I am a world away!

      Current issues:

      EPO Compliance chart - what does this actually mean? What is it telling me?

      VSE: Version 8.5 Compliance - This shows 1 compliant, 142 non compliant. Most of the non compliant machines are fine because they are still communicating witht he old EPO 3.6.1 server. However, I have a limited number of machines working with this new 4.0 server. I have installed an agent (with force install ticked) from the new server to replace the old one, removed the VirusScan 8.5i installation and then reinstalled VSE 8.5i.

      Am I doing anything wrong there? As far as I am concerned, the machines i have done this with should be showing up as compliant, shouldn't they?