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    Windows 7 x64


      Just started working with ATD and one of the tasks given was that previously they have been unable to upload 64bit windows 7 VMs to ATD.  Tickets were created with McAfee but no resolution was ever found (prior to my working at the organization).


      I was able to successfully upload the VM (25gb in size), convert and create the VM profile successfully, but when the VMcreator runs to rebuild all VMs (why does it rebuild all of them?) it fails with the information below.


      from system log:


      2016-03-24-16:40:12: creating VM: win7sp1x64_Windows7x64_sn01

      2016-03-24-16:45:55: Checking vm status: win7sp1x64_Windows7x64_sn01

      2016-03-24-16:45:58: Booting VM: win7sp1x64_Windows7x64_sn01

      2016-03-24-16:49:04: Error: VM failed to start.

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: vmcreator FAILURE

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: The analysis VM creation process has failed. The ATD system needs to be restarted.

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: Log into the CLI interface and enter the command "reboot vmcreator" to reboot the system and re-run vmcreator.

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: Updating VM database

      2016-03-24-16:49:09: Vmcreator success.


      The VM does work in my vm workstation install as I removed a couple pieces of software to reduce the size.

      I've not yet performed the command "reboot vmcreator" as I'm not sure if this message was given before (and a bit of laziness too, I guess).