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    ePO migration 5.1.1 same version different server


      Hi All,


      Migrating ePO 5.1.1 and SQL, to a new SQL server and a new server for ePO 5.1.1. I see guides for 4.6.8 to 5.1.1, or 32bit to 64bit, etc. But haven't found a guide for same version/different servers. Does anyone know of a guide? Or know what process is best to use? Like maybe just a normal SQL restore to the new SQL server (with a ePO disaster recovery snapshot), and then install ePO using the snapshot on the new server? Or do the SQL restore to new server and then just take the VM snapshot and load that onto the new server for ePO?

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          Hi woodkm,


          2 topics with a lot of migration info:


          Migrate ePO 4.6.6 to ePO 5.1.1 with diffrent IP address and hostname



          McAfee ePO Migration


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            Thank you, Neilsb. The first link seems useful. The second link seems awesome and easy if that actually works. the migrate.zip file created from the compatibility check though.....you literally just extract it and to wherever? That part seems like it's missing something. Would you run the epo install .exe and use the migrate.zip with that? Or extract it to the installation directory on the new ePO?


            Edit: So maybe this makes sense to me a little more. So you extract the migrate.zip to wherever, then run the ePO instal (step 10), and probably point it to the migrate folder?

            1. KB71825
            2. Product Compatibility Check, Remove the non compatible extension if it is not in use
            3. See if ePO is up and running, Backup
            4. KB82808, Migrate.zip (Copy Migrate.zip to new server)
            5. Shutdown old ePo Server, Change IP and Hostname of new Server

            6. Attached Database to New Database server SQL 2014
            7. Extract Migrat.zip
            8. See if you are able to login to ePO Console
            9. KB71825
            10. ePO Install/Upgrade Pre Check tool
            11. Upgrade