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    PWS-Banker detected in the player.exe file from Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds Saga


      McAfee detects the player.exe file from STAR WARS - Galactic Battlegrounds Saga as a virus, even though it comes from Steam. I've seen other users say this is clearly a false positive. I assume as much, as I was able to get it off of 10 antivirus vendors' list within 48 hours (including BitDefender, Comodo and Ad-Aware among others - perhaps more to follow). I did so by emailing them the file and asking them to examine it. They clearly found no trace of malicious coding.


      Whenever I email McAfee, I get an automated response saying what I already know... that they flag the file as PWS-Banker, a Trojan virus. Of course, meaning there is no actual examination of the file. How can I have them truly examine the file and determine the true nature of the file? Whether they would classify it still as a Trojan, or as a pua, pup or a non malicious file.