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    How to Setup ELM Redundant


      Dear All,


      I have question about ELM redundant setup


      - 2 ESMs (ESM1, ESM2) on 2 site running Primary/Redundant

      - 2 ELMs (ELM1, ELM2) on 2 site running Primary/Redundant. This is mode I'm going to configure.


      The question is: Can I configure ELM1 and ELM2 do synchronize raw log between two sites (ELM1 key to ESM1 - ELM2 key to ESM2)? or a pair of ELM primary/redundant just do synchronize raw log on 1 site. For the other site I must have a pair of ELM for this process?


      Anyone has experiences about this? Thanks for your comments.