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    Restore the data from an old ELM to a new ELM


      If you need to restore the data from an old ELM to a new ELM, do NOT create new ELM using the Add Device Wizard


      To restore the management database and the ELM log data to a new ELM if they have not been stored on the ELM or if they have been mirrored, do the following:

      1. Click on the ELM that needs to be replaced on the System Navigation Tree.
      2. Select the Properties icon on the Actions toolbar. A warning dialog will open letting you know that the system cannot locate the ELM.
      3. Close the warning dialog. The ELM Properties dialog will be open.
      4. Click on Connection.
      5. Enter the IP address for the new ELM in the Target IP Address/Name field. If the IP address for the new ELM is the same as the address for the old ELM, you won't need to change it.
      6. Click on Key Management.
      7. Click on Key Device. The Key Device Wizard will open.
      8. Enter and re-enter the password that you want associated with this device.
      9. Click on Next. You will be informed when the new device has been keyed successfully.
      10. Click on ELM Information.
      11. Click on the Backup & Restore link. The Backup & Restore dialog will open.
      12. Click on the Restore ELM button at the bottom of the dialog. The management database and ELM data storage will be restored on the new ELM. This process could take an extended amount of time.