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    Is ePO Agent supposed to be supported with Drive Encryption


      Back in Nov 2015, I opened a support ticket about Drive Encryption policies not working with Agent Support told me that this is a known issue and to wait for Agent 5.0.3 which has not yet been released.


      Basically, when you use Agent 5.x I am seeing that EEADMIN plugin is not loaded. This causes the policies for DE to not be enforced on the client side. If,, I revert back to Agent, then the DE policies work and EEADMIN shows up under the ePO Agent status monitor.


      I have opened another support case asking if Agent works with DE Support keeps telling me that it should work even though back in Nov I was told to wait for 5.0.3.


      Does anyone know if Agent 5.x works with DE and have been using it in their environment with Drive encryption 7.1.3?