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    VSE88 disappear from ePo



      i'm migrating about 500 pc to ePo, with McAfee Agent and Virus Scan Enteprise 8.8 patch 7.

      The deployment is ok.

      In ePo console i can see the product name installed (VirusScan Enterprise) and the DAT version at the end of the deployment, then i move the pc into the right group.

      After few days, while browsing groups into ePo console i find one or more pc without Virus Scan Enterprise, with DAT column blank !!!

      I'm the only one that use ePo and, for example, i remember that those pc yesterday is OK, with VSE and good DAT installed.


      If i try to repeat the deployment it returns "Virus Scan Enterprise" in product column but with DAT column still blank.

      No SuperDat patching is possibile on client pc (error message).


      Why installations of VSE corrupts itself ?

      Please help me.

      Thank you very much and best regards.