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    Nags to restart after applying patch 7?


      Not 100% sure, but many of my users are getting nagged to restart randomly after patch 7 was applied to their computers. Restarting doesn't seem to make it go away, they will randomly get the nag again at some point. Any other's experiencing this? Are new DATs being applied causing this? How do I make it stop?


      Thanks in advance


      EDIT: EPO 5.1.1 build 357, VSE 8.8

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          What McAfee Agent version are you on? You may see this if you're on any agent version less than

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            That was one of the answers I found when I was Googling for solutions, but we are actually using In fact some of the laptops that are nagging are fresh installs using the patched installer package via setupvse.exe. So that isn't the answer unfortunately

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              Can you confirm how the Agent is configured?


              There is a "General" policy option to prompt the user when a reboot is required. That reboot requirement is defined by software you have installed/deployed.

              If enabled, it sounds like you want this option disabled.


              And when you say "restarting doesn't seem to make it go away", then either an additional update occurred requiring a reboot - or, whatever set the reboot requirement is not being cleared properly. Either way, it sounds like something to take up further with Support to identify the reason(s).

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                Ugh, that was it. Embarrassed I couldn't remember where that was.


                Curiously, this hasn't ever been a problem until this update, can't imagine I would have ticked that checkbox, but sure enough it was.


                As to why it reoccurs, I'm going to guess it has to do with content of DAT updates, since timing isn't consistent. By that I mean if I get the nag and reboot, it may not happen again for a few day, but sure enough it will eventually happen.

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                  I believe that option is enabled by default.

                  What's curious is no prior updates or deployments have resulted in the prompt being displayed. I would say you're either really lucky or something else has changed in the environment to hinder updates from finishing their work seamlessly, requiring a reboot to complete instead (and sure, that could be from installing our own software; it could be anything really).


                  Note, by removing the nag for reboot does not remove the need for reboot. "Something" isn't finishing its operations until the reboot is satisfied - what remains might be benign, usually it's just cleanup of temp files but it could be something important. I think it'll be worth knowing what that something is lest it lead to complications after going days/weeks/months without the reboot.

                  A hunt through McAfee Agent logs (which may require enabling debug level logging first) should reveal which update, which software package, resulted in the "I need a reboot" return code being signaled.

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                    What's actually curious is how come the check box got ticked all of the sudden. I've had this ePO server up and running for several years and am pretty certain I had the agent set to not nag. I'm it for IT staff so it's not like another administrator got in there and checked the box.


                    As to the need to reboot, yeah, I understand that. The nag is problematic though as the 'restart' button is active when it pops up, and if you happen to press the enter key you get an unintended reboot. Oops. So I encourage my users to shut down at night, and if they are resistant to that I add them to an OU the has a GPO configured to set a shutdown task for 3:00am. That'll teach em.