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    VSE patch update to only certain systems


      Couple of basic functionality questions on product deployment in ePO:



      -I loaded patch 7 into current master repository and set a task to deploy to only some systems

      -Some systems not under this task were updated with the latest patch


      Will a product update task update VSE patch versions if nothing is selected under 'Patches and service packs' of that task

      OR, is this part of the McAfee Agent policy to poll for updated software in the master repository?


      Basically I want to deploy the latest patch to only certain servers.



      -I have VSE8.8 patch 3 and loaded patch 7 into eval repository.

      -I set a product update task to install patch 7 onto servers but the task did not work, only when I moved patch 7 into current repository.


      Would I have needed to change the agent policy to check for updates from evaluation instead of current?